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The following steps should be taken for the safety of doctors and other medical personnel in India

by satcit

  • Rules for prevention of violence against medical personnel and prevention of damage to the property of healthcare institutions should be made more strict and these rules should be enforced more stringently. These rules should be clearly displayed in English,Hindi and the concerned regional language inside the hospital.

  •  Separate judicial and executive bodies should be impaneled for dealing with issues regarding medical negligence so that such complaints are quickly and fairly settled. In such a case, neither medical professionals nor the caregivers would feel the need for grudge or violence.

  • All hospitals should have complaint boxes and also Public Relation Officers exclusively posted to hear grievances. They should be always round the clock at easily accessible places. 

  • All hospitals should be protected environments. There should be security guards at all entry and exit points and all departments within the hospital.

  • All major hospitals should have police aid posts within it’s campus.

  • At vital areas of the hospital like in front of ICUs and inside wards wards, only one caregiver should be allowed to be with the patient. All other visitors should take visitor’s passes so that the number of visitors per patient can be limited.

  • Security cameras should be installed at all places in the hospital and the message that the area is under surveillance should be prominently displayed.
  • Written consent should be taken before admitting  patients with serious illness and before all major surgical/medical interventions

  • In case of worsening of the condition of patients, bad prognosis should be explained,documented and the caregiver’s signature should be obtained under the documentation.

  • Medicos should have proper training during MBBS for attaining skills for breaking bad news and declaration of death. There should be training sessions exclusively for this.

  • Declaration of death should never be done to a crowd of relatives. The closest relative should be called to a concerned area away from the crowd and a team of medical personnel should slowly explain the chain of events which led to the death of the patient. There should be enough pauses during this process wherein the caregiver can ask questions and clear his/her doubts.

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