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These simple tips will help you exercise better

by satcit
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  • Do not take oily food before a workout.
  • Your exercise schedule should contain more aerobic exercises than weight training if you are looking for long-term health.
  • There are two kinds of exercises – isometric and isotonic. You can read the basic differences here.


          Isotonic exercises and non-weighted isometric exercises are the best ones for long-term general and cardiac health.

  • Do not drink too much water during workouts. Take frequent sips of water only.
  • Do not exercise with a full stomach.
  • Always warm up before workouts and warm down after. During warm up, you should move all parts of your body from head to toes to fingers. 
  • Do not take a shower immediately after a workout. Allow your body to cool down; then only take a shower
  • Taking a protein drink just before a workout or within 30 minutes after, can help in repairing and building your muscles. My personal recommendation is whey protein isolate as it is most easily digestible protein and it containsless of lactose and other things which make your stomach bloat. If you get bloating sensation after taking a reliable brand of whey protein isolate, probably you should decrease the quantity of intake.
  • Taking one or two glasses of standard WHO formula ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) before workouts can reduce tiredness because it builds a reserve for electrolytes like sodium and potassium and replenishes electrolyte losses due to sweating and certain other mechanisms during heavy exercise. I particularly recommend ORS and not other electrolyte drinks because ORS is available cheaply over the counter from all pharmacies. Those who are interested in reading about WHO ORS can visit this link  

      WHO formula ORS is perfectly safe and does not contain any harmful additives.

  • While doing exercises involving hopping and jumping, do not land on the ground with your entire foot. Instead, land on your forefoot only. This simple measure can prevent a lot of injuries.
  • When you are picking up weights from the floor, always remember to flex
    your knees and lift the weight. If you lift the weight with an extended knee, you can injure your spine and in a worst case, even a disc prolapse
  • Always synchronise your breathing with the rhythm of the exercise you are doing(whatever the exercise is). This can increase your efficiency a lot.
  • Always pause between exercises and take deep breaths. Two or three reps of deep breathing (deep inhalation-pause-deep exhalation) will rejuvenate your body so that you can continue your workout more energetically.
  • If possible add a short session of meditation lasting for one or two minutes before starting the workout or after finishing it. Stand with eyes closed, keep both hands facing upwards (one on top of the other) at navel level and meditate for just one or two minutes. Listen to your breath and think about the exercises you have done or those you are going to do. 

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