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Nature Gods

by satcit
There was a time
when we worshipped forces of nature.
Rivers were sacred, the ocean was a God
There was a forest Goddess whom we had to protect.
The rain God fed our crops
God of the earth, vegetation, fertility,
 earthquakes, snakes
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Ancient people worshipped nature Gods and

were afraid to hurt nature

Times have changed
Some of us aren’t led by blind faith now
Some of us are people of science.
We believe in things supported by our logic.

Come now, let’s think logically.
For centuries, who have human beings considered as Gods? 
Gods are those who created us
Vayu Deva – God of Wind
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Those who can destroy us in seconds

Gods are creators, nourishers, destroyers of life 
By that logic, the Sun is a God,
The ocean is a God
Wind and waves are Gods with infinite might
The soil and the forest
The rivers and the fire
If these are not Gods, what else are? 
Forces of nature have God like power
So why not call them Gods?
Suijin- God of Wind
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Let’s learn to worship forces of nature again.

Like our ancestors did.

Because now is the time.
Cyclones have increased,
Oceans will soon swallow the land 
Going outside during daytime 
will soon be impossible because of the heat
Dangun -God of Mountains
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There will be droughts in summer and floods during rains

The floods will wash the fertile top soil off   
and no crops will grow without chemical fertilizers
The mighty winds will come
 and they will take down every structure we have built.

Let’s learn to worship forces of nature again.
Like our ancestors did.
To put a plastic bottle into the lake 
would be destroying the sanctity of the God’s sacred temple
To clear a forest would become a religious offence
All the people of the world 
This is the planet’s last chance
Let’s worship nature once again
Like our ancestors did

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