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This moment

by satcit

Photo by Yuichi Kageyama on Unsplash

I’m just a butterfly,

drinking the nectar of this moment.

The moment next isn’t mine;
I’m weak, I’m fragile.
The northern winds are coming for me
But before I go,
I will be a butterfly.
And I will drink
the nectar of this moment.

I’m just a tree,
bearing the fruit of this moment.
This fruit will fall
and it’s sweetness
will never be mine.
But before it falls,
I’ll be a tree
and I’ll bear
the fruit of this moment.
I haven’t met you,
But this moment is when
we dance.
Me and you together,
like everyone else,
in moments that passed.
Let’s dance in this glass jar,
before it breaks.
Let’s dance in this bubble,
before it pops.
Let’s dance like grains of sand,
like water, like  wind
like stars and the wonders 
Let’s dance like everything else,
in the bubble of this moment,
before it pops. 
For, this moment is, 
you and me 
finding our meaning.

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