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Religion and Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning

by satcit

Photo by Lightscape on Unsplash

What if all religions are examples of Pavlovian classical conditioning?

From childhood, you feel pure, serene, devotional and relaxed when you see certain religious symbols/patterns of sounds/practices because these have been conditioned into you from early childhood by your family and whatever religious institution. Just like the classical Pavlov’s experiment.

When you grow up and get exposed to the world, your cortical and intellectual influence may or may not make you grow out of it.

The most spiritual song of our generation. We all need “Something to Lean on” For some, it is religion. For some it is God. For some it may be work. For some, relationships. We all need something to lean on.

So, when you say – don’t practice religion, say that to the ones who have not been conditioned yet – your young ones.

Leave the Pavlov’s slaves alone. Let them practice religion – without hurting others. When they start hurting others, let that be handled by the law as any other crime is handled.

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