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Dr Anoop Krishnan’s death raises questions on the safety of India’s medical personnel

by satcit

Dr Anoop Krishnan allegedly took his own life after a 7 year old girl died due to cardiac arrest while he was performing a leg surgery on her.

A local news channel has released an audio clip of his conversation with the child’s relatives and most likely a mob of protesters.

He appears confident in this audio clip and explains every minute detail of the incident boldly. It is very much evident that there was no negligence from his side and that the death happened due to unforeseen medical complications leading to a cardiac arrest.

Then why did he find himself in a situation where he thought ending his life was the only solution?
It is possible that some person/entity has either threatened him or mentally tortured him to the extent that drove him to suicide. Could be media, could be police, could be parents/relatives of the deceased child or even politicians. Or all these pressures collectively drove him towards breaking point. 
The problem with our country is, if somebody is accused of something, he is considered a criminal.The truth of the matter is, nobody is a criminal until proven in a court of law. One of the reasons for this phenomenon maybe that Indian courts take months or even years to reach judgements. 
In our country, anyone can confront an accused person. Not only confront, anybody can beat/kill/verbally abuse an accused person.  Whereas in civilized nations, all the statements of an accused will be made by his lawyer on his behalf. No one except the police can meet an accused person. 
Another problem our country faces is an unchained media.  Things that need to be judged in courts of law are judged by media outlets. And these media outlets have no mercy. They would do everything they can to sensationalize issues and thereby increase their rating. 
Things are worse for doctors. Any unexpected death is considered as “ചികിത്സ പിഴവ്” (error in treatment), any adverse reaction after an injection becomes “മരുന്ന് മാറി കുത്തി” (wrong medicine was injected), any advanced treatment  is considered as “രോഗികളെ പിഴിയൽ” (extorting money from the patient).

Doctor Anoop, you sacrificed your life, and our society is at fault. You have left a scar in our hearts which will take a long, long time to heal, if it ever heals. 

Prayers to the lost soul of a wonderful human being.

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Dr Aravind Dixit October 4, 2020 - 8:49 am

A wonderful human being..very efficient orthopaedic surgeon..had lot of future to do a great service….very sad..Om Shanti 🙏


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