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Dynamic and Static Superconsciousness

by satcit

Let me tell you a story.

In the beginning there was only consciousness. As  this is a concept of singularity, let us call it superconsciousness.

It layed still and static, so let’s call it static superconsciousness or S.  Think of S as an ocean laying still. And suddenly a part of it started becoming dynamic. In the ocean analogy, this would be like a wave rising in the ocean.

Photo by Leo Roomets on Unsplash

Now, let’s understand what this means. The ocean and the wave are not separate. The wave is a part of the ocean. The wave, ie a very small part of the otherwise still ocean, rises forming different shapes and falls back in the ocean. After the wave falls back, the ocean becomes still (static) again.

Just like in the above analogy, a small part of the static superconsciousness (S) became dynamic. Let’s call this dynamic superconsciousness (D).

Dynamic superconsciousness (D) initiated creation of the entire universe when it formed matter that we can see (ordinary matter), matter that we cannot (dark matter), energy that we can measure (energy) and energy that we cannot measure (dark energy). This happened in the form a big explosion and as in all explosions, everything moved away and outwards from the centre point of the explosion.

Clouds of matter collapsed on themselves due to gravitational attraction. When they collapsed a lot, sometimes their cores became too hot and too dense resulting in nuclear fusion thereby releasing a lot of energy. A part of this energy got emitted as electro-magnetic radiation which in turn became a source of energy for certain other processes.

Some clusters of molecules trapped these electromagnetic radiations and used that energy for driving a variety of chemical reactions. A few of these chemical reactions resulted in physical movements of matter.

Matter and energy are  products of static superconsciousness (S) or rather matter and energy are manifestations of S. The dynamic form of S is dynamic superconsciousness (D).

S formed matter and energy by first turning a part of itself into D. But the majority of S is existing as S itself.

D becomes matter and energy. Matter and energy are thus two forms of the same concept. Matter can be turned into Energy (nuclear fission and fusion) and vice versa.

So consciousness is an inherent property of matter. Life is a mechanism to polarize consciousness. If a chunk of matter has life, it has a working mechanism to polarize consciousness. More evolved organisms have found better ways to accumulate consciousness in their central nervous system. They can then use this consciousness to think and move.


So here I am. A big chunk of matter yielding a pen. My consciousness is writing this article, moving this pen, posting it on the web. And your consciousness is reading it, thinking about it.

Photo by Scott Carroll on Unsplash

I just want to tell you that you and me are the same. We are drops of the same ocean, parts of the same wave. The stone, the blade of grass, the star, the asteroid, the butterfly, the bird, the elephant, the bacterium, the virus, the heat, the sound, the light. We are all the same. Drops of the same ocean. This ocean is roaring now. Later it will be still and we will all fall back into its vastness. Just to lay still. Awaiting the next wave.

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