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COVID-19 and Kerala – 28th April 2021

by satcit
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Hi everyone. Even though the situation is serious, do not panic. If you have taken two doses of any of the vaccines, you have a very, very low risk of getting serious illness or dying from the disease. You may turn positive but the illness is likely resolve by itself without causing serious harm. So make sure everyone you care about, gets vaccinated as soon as possible.

The new variant spreads very fast. The problem now is actually a problem of scale. Lots of people are getting the illness together. So the healthcare systems are getting overwhelmed.

Let me tell you a statistic about Kerala. On September 26th last year, we had  7006 new cases and like 21 deaths . This ratio is like 0.3 %

On 25th April ( 3 days back) we had 28469 new cases and 30 deaths. Which is 0.1% (one third of the percentage in the first wave).

This is because a lot of the high risk people in Kerala have already taken the vaccine. This is because Kerala is the land of people with culture. People who are educated. We have one of the best grass root level public health systems in the world.

Yes. There is a big problem. If number of cases go higher than this, our healthcare system will crash. So maintain all precautions and take the vaccine shots as soon as possible. Let’s hope for the best.

What should we do about the impending collapse of the healthcare system in Kerala?

If you have taken both shots of the vaccine, don’t panic. You will be fine. But you should make sure that you do not become a spreader of the virus. So be extra careful and maintain all precautions.

If you have someone who hasn’t taken the vaccine yet, it’s possible that if they catch the disease and desaturate, they won’t get a hospital bed/ oxygen/ ventilator for the coming few weeks. So literally put them in a self imposed lock down. Make sure that they don’t catch the disease for the next few weeks.

Eat healthy food which includes lots of fruits and vegetables and enough protein, drink a lot of water, sleep well, don’t do anything stressful to the body like travelling without rest or sleep, get enough sunshine so that you don’t get Vitamin D deficient. You may take a multivitamin tablet if you think you are not getting enough micronutrients from your diet (not compulsory for normal people with good dietary habits).

And don’t ever believe that onion or ginger or garlic alone will protect you from the virus.

Steam inhalation, saline gargle, drinking warm water etc will provide temporary symptomatic relief in any flu like infection. I repeat, temporary symptomatic relief. But none of these steps will cure COVID-19 or protect you from it.

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