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A message to doctors facing medicolegal issues

by satcit
Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Do not think this is the end of your professional life

  1. Never ever fear the judicial process.If there are unhappy moments during any part of treatment process, try that the matter goes in legal process rather than any kind of settlement.

But – do not feel lonely

  1. Never hesitate to reach out to your colleagues for help. Take advice from those who are more experienced than you in dealing with matters.

But – do not leave your career

  1. Negligence can be both civil and criminal. Police have a tendency to get even into civil matters over false pretexts just to get kickbacks.
    Don’t hesitate to look them back in the eye and stay firm on your ground.
    Legal help is best given by lawyers, grab it and fight back.

But – do not bring work into your personal life

  1. You can encounter police, politician, judiciary with your unity, knowledge, brotherhood, timely action, documentation and professional behaviour.
    So stop fretting and get prepared.

But – do not hate yourself

  1. Any iota of famed doctor -patient relationship is long dead.
    The sooner we realise this, the better it is.
    Now only a transactional relationship exists.
    Charge your fees, stay professional, keep documentations in place.

But – do not feel depressed

  1. Take indemnity insurance, clinic hospital insurance, employ proper security at hospital, good CCTV cameras all around, make an audio-visual counselling and health bulletin room.
    Spend some money from your earnings for contingencies like these.
    Count them under cost of doing business.

But – do not blame your colleagues

  1. Avoid medical jostling and jousting.
    Stop criticising your fellow doctors.
    Rise above feudal mindset. Even though you are a super-specialist, give equal respect to others.
    There is no such thing as a plain MBBS doctor.
    A doctor is a doctor qualified enough to treat and manage patients.

But – do not talk to the media unnecessarily

  1. Patient is not loyal to any doctor.
    Gone are the days when patients thronged to one doctor for all his issues.
    Now the relationship is transactional.
    So in any case of even minor dispute, take your fellow Doctor’s side and not patient’s side.
    Even your relatives will not think twice before taking a second opinion just to get the comfort they want.

But – do not lose your hope

  1. Give time to family and make strong value based inherent culture so that you have the emotional and psychological strength to face adversities like these.

But – do not fear politicians

  1. Last but not the least, actively participate in local doctors association and work to make it strong and potent.

But – do not forget: There is always light at the end of the tunnel

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